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Nobody wants to be that guy: gritting his teeth, stumbling, and
weaving his way through that final mile, a look of searing pain on
his face.

Sure, he finished. But there was no enjoyment in his marathon moment.

GOOD NEWS: Marathon success doesn’t have to be filled with leg- and lung-searing pain.

And it can actually be FUN!

HANSONS BREAKTHROUGH: Enjoy a maximum long run of 16 miles.Let Hansons Marathon Method show you how. Based on breakthrough scientific research and decades of coaching and on-the-road experience, Hansons Marathon Method has blown the lid off traditional marathon training. This unconventional approach is earth shattering and career changing.

HANSONS BREAKTHROUGH: Enjoy a maximum long run of 16 miles.

Hansons Marathon Method turns traditional marathon training on its ear with a maximum long-run distance of just 16 miles. Don’t worry: At the end of your training period, your body will be prepared to take on the distance of 26.2, even with a maximum long-run distance of 16 miles. It’s all thanks to the science of cumulative fatigue. Turn the tables on fatigue and make it work for you—try Hansons Marathon Method and see for yourself!

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More than just a training plan, Hansons Marathon Method prepares you for every possible scenario, from day one of training through race day. From nutrition and shoes to weather, stretching, hydration, and more, the advice will get you ready to take on the world. You’ll discover:

And so much more!


Put Hansons Marathon Method to work for you and you can discover how to:

Just ask world-class marathoners Desi Davila, Brian Sell, and hundreds of other world-class athletes who live and die by Hansons Marathon Method on their quest to become the best in the world.
Put Hansons Marathon Method to work for you and you can discover how to: Run your best marathon ever, blast past your PR, feel like new at mile 20!

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